einstein's little homunculus with Dugan Murphy calling

At the Worcester contra dance, April showers held off long enough for us to enjoy einstein's little homunculus, a regular fixture at our June dance but coming to us early this season. The five-part band kept everyone moving with their lively music and variety of instruments.

Our calling was provided by Portland, Maine's own Dugan Murphy, completing a three-day contra-calling tour that took him to Concord and Greenfield. His final stop saw him introducing many newcomers to the pastime of contra, while veterans enjoyed the combined kinetic calling and music.

We still have two dances left in the season, so please join us on May 12 for the music of Julie Metcalf & Mark David Buckles, with Dereck Kalish calling!

An auspicious April

April 2015

The snow has melted, the dance floor was swept clean, and the dancers were out in force! Caller Don Heinold, who made his Worcester debut a year ago this month, was reunited with The French Connection for a wonderful evening of dances. Don's dances were welcoming to newcomers while slowly ramping up the difficulty — and fun! By the end of the night, we were all better dancers for the joy we'd shared.

Thank you to everyone who came out! We'll see you again in May. To receive a reminder, sign up for our email list or join our Facebook group!

April photos with Quena Crain & Free Raisins

Our thanks to everyone who came out on a cool April night to enjoy some fine contra dancing in Worcester! The turnout, the music, and the dances were all fantastic, thanks in no small part to talent that consisted of Quena Crain calling for the Free Raisins, with Mari Black filling in for Audrey Knuth. What a masterful and motley crew!

A roving photographer snapped these shots of everyone having a grand time. Feel free to tag yourself in the Facebook album!

And here is a video, courtesy Ken Bennett of Northboro:

Be sure to sign up for our email list and join our Facebook group. We're soliciting volunteers to doorsit at our future dances in exchange for free admission, so watch for those opportunities for our May 11 and June 8 dances!

An awesome April dance

Are my feet ever going to be sore tomorrow — and it was totally worth it! Caribou and Reed totally rocked the house, I don't think I've ever whooped so much at a contra before. And so far this year we've had 100 dancers at every Worcester dance: the energy was tremendous, and I'm only sorry I have to wait a month till the next one.

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