A joyous June

Smoke & Mirrors

Thank you to all who came to our June dance! Although attendance was light, those who showed up had a wonderful time.

Our hall was filled with the music of Smoke & Mirrors, a group new to Worcester that came recommended by our friends in Northboro. Their tunes were complemented by the calling of Angela DeCarlis, a veteran of BIDA and Concord who raised the bar for Worcester's dancers with her diverse dance selection. Like Smoke & Mirrors, Angela was new to Worcester, and we welcomed the opportunity to host new talent at our venue. We expect we haven't seen or heard the last of these talented artists, band and caller alike.

The details of our 2016–2017 season are imminent, so sign up for our mailing list or Facebook group to get the details as soon as they're announced. In the meantime, have a great summer, and we'll see you on September 10!

A festive February

Even when dancing, Michael always keeps an eye on the time.

After last February's dance was cancelled due to snow, Worcester's dancers were eager and excited to hit the dance floor this February 13. We invited last year's talent to tempt fate again, and the dangerously cold weather couldn't keep them away. Myra MacLeod and her Worcester Folk Orchestra filled the hall with their melodious music, while Bill Fischer led dancers beginner and veteran alike through diverse contra calls in lines, circles, and sets. An above-average turnout left us a bit short on snacks at the halftime — but everyone was there to dance, not eat, with most dancers (dressed in red for Valentine's Day) staying until the evening's end.

Thank you to everyone who helped us restore this wonderful Valentine's Day tradition!

An outstanding October

The Contra Banditos rock the house.

It may have been a long weekend, but dancers who came to Worcester this weekend were in for a treat! After an absence of several years, the Contra Banditos returned to our dance hall, with their six musicians accompanied by the calling of Don Veino. Don's calling gave us the history of each dance, with the dancers once being allowed to choose the difficulty of the next dance. It was a fun and participatory evening.

This month also marked the first time dancers began using our coupons. New this season, first-time visitors to our dance venue receive a coupon to come back for free! We began issuing these invitations in September and were happy to see dancers return in October.

Whether you're new to Worcester or are a familiar face, we look forward to seeing you for our next dance on November 14!

A merry May

Could we have asked for a more rocking spring? Our May contra featured three musicians making their Worcester debut: Jim Fownes, Julia Plumb, and Ness Smith-Savedoff, aka the Rock Ness Monster. This particular configuration had never played together before, but you'd never know it from the amazing music they put out! Their music was all the livelier with the sound system provided by Dereck Kalish, a familiar caller on the Boston dance scene who was also making his Worcester debut.

Our thanks to everyone who made this month so merry. Join us in June for the last dance of the season before we take the summer off!

An auspicious April

April 2015

The snow has melted, the dance floor was swept clean, and the dancers were out in force! Caller Don Heinold, who made his Worcester debut a year ago this month, was reunited with The French Connection for a wonderful evening of dances. Don's dances were welcoming to newcomers while slowly ramping up the difficulty — and fun! By the end of the night, we were all better dancers for the joy we'd shared.

Thank you to everyone who came out! We'll see you again in May. To receive a reminder, sign up for our email list or join our Facebook group!

A majestic March

March 2015

After the unfortunate cancellation of our Valentine's Day dance due to this winter's relentless snow, we were thrilled to be back on the dance floor. The music of Cardinal Direction (formerly known as Firefly) was complemented by the calling of David Kaynor, rousing everyone from their seasonal doldrums with some fantastic music and dances. We briefly put our feet on pause at 9:26 PM to celebrate a once-in-a-century Pi Day, followed by an intermission that featured key lime ?.

Thank you to everyone who came out! We'll see you again in April. To receive a reminder, sign up for our email list or join our Facebook group!

A jolly January

Our thanks to the Berlin Country Orchestra and Tim Van Egmond for such a wonderful start to 2015! Their music and calling introduced scores of newcomers and veterans alike to the joy of contra dancing. It was especially fun to discover that we had too many dancers for one set and watched them break off to form a second set mid-dance!

We continued our annual tradition of a potluck dinner before the dance, with plenty of friendly faces and fantastic food. Lasagna, stew, salad, fruit, bread, and more ensured that every appetite and diet was accommodated.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the evening. We look forward to seeing you at our next dance on Valentine's Day!

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